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Freeware-Version of Technical Inventory 3

Request of the Freeware-Version of Technical Inventory 3.2

State 28. December 2020

Please enter your email address here. The freeware version is then sent to in the current version of 3.2 at this address as a ZIP file in the annex.

With this version, you can process real-time data. If you are considering to buy a full version, the data can be transferred.
Using this Freeware version we want give you a great way, to familiarize non-binding yourself with the software and hope that we can win you as a customer for a full version.

This version is for managing of 20 users, 20 PC data, room, and on a completely new access rights and software license management limited. Up to two concurrent logons to the program are possible.

Follow us on Twitter, to be automatically informed of any updates.

Please also observe the instructions for the installation on 64-bit operating systems.

Share your experiences to other users and evaluate Technical Inventory on Heise.


The freeware version is sent to you by E-Mail. Therefore please make sure that you files with the extension ".ZIP" by Email can receive.

Also available over:

Technical Inventory, Download from heise