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Software & Support Dresden developed for municipal and private sector software for Windows and the Internet, and provides support for software and hardware issues. As a core product we offer Technical Inventory as a management solution for the care of PC workstations.

Our Software Products

Technical Inventory - PC-management- and inventury software

Technical Inventory is a comprehensive management and inventory software for caregivers and administrators of PC workstations as well inventory managers. So you manage as an IT manager in the simplest and clearest way their users and their hardware including printer consumables, furniture, as well as rights- and software-licenses.
The application has a modular structure, offers a variety of useful extensions and the integration of external tools.
Regular free updates are provided, also for the freeware version.
The program updates contains as well new features, that can also be suggested by the users on our voting page.

Our Services

Development of customized software solutions

For Windows and the Internet. We develop customized application for you.


We give advise on purchase of PC technology and their composition as well as the establishment of a network.

Little helpful Apps

Small applications that we offer free. That are tools that make life easier or offer help in different areas.
Have we piqued interest in you? Then do not hesitate and contact us. E-Mail: Support@SoSuDresden.de